Triumph systems – Pivotal Trainer Pro Bundle



  • 1 Pivotal Trainer
  • 1 Upgraded AR500 Steel Ballistic Motor Protector
  • 3 Threat/No-Threat Replacement Targets

Recommended for outdoor use. Proudly designed in the USA.

Do not charge the Pivotal Trainer for more than 4 hours.

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One of the most common problems for shooters is that they are not properly trained for stressful situations. The Pivotal Trainer turning target system increases stress in training by providing time performance, as well as “threat / no threat” cognitive decision making requirements. Developed with a Navy SEAL, the patent pending technology eliminates anticipation and forces the shooter to use discretion before acting. With the push of a few buttons, the shooter can set this wireless devise to random presentation intervals or use the manual mode while training with another. This streamlined package is a very portable 13 pounds in weight. The mounting bracket allows it to be securely attached just about anywhere – the included frame, a door frame in a shoot house, an existing target runner in your indoor range, and much more. In gun fights there’s no second place… train to be triumphant.