Princeton Tec – Helix Backcountry Rechargable


POWER 150 Lumens
LAMP White, Red
BURN TIME 22 Hours
BATTERIES Lithium Rechargeable
WEIGHT 155 Grams
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Princeton Tec – Helix Backcountry Rechargable

It sure is nice to bring along a few creature comforts even when you’re headed way out there. Helix Backcountry Rechargeable adds a rechargeable battery to Princeton Tec’s smallest Helix Lantern. The micro-USB port on the bottom of the lantern allows for recharging. This lightweight lantern puts out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes – perfect for around camp or in your tent. Helix Backcountry Rechargeable has a unique control surface that is free of buttons, yet gives access to a 150 lumen white mode, dimmable to 30 lumens, as well as a dimmable red mode for low profile use. The expanding globe and folding legs help Helix Backcountry Rechargeable to shine over a wide area. The lantern design also incorporates several hanging options.



Included straps attach
for hanging or carrying

Included handle for hanging or carrying

Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Hang Strap Removable globe allows for use as tent dome light Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Dome Light
Built-in hook on each leg for hanging from rope, hook or nail Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Hang Leg Folding legs allow for precise aiming in spotlight


Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Kickstand

Included straps attach
for hanging or carrying


Packs down to half-height

Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Half height


Activate fully dimmable red or white LEDs via the easy to use swipe interface

Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Color LEDs


Included straps attach
for hanging or carrying

Charge the lithium ion battery via micro-USB port

Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Charging